Vaccaro's Tree Service
Serving the tree care needs of our customers in Marin, San Francisco and the North Bay since 1983.
Tree Removal:


Whether we like it or not, tree removal is often a necessary part of our landscape management. Along with many years experience, Vaccaro's Tree Service uses all the latest safety and rigging equipment to allow for the removal of even the most dangerous trees with ease, while making as little of an impact on your yard as possible. When safety dictates a tree cannot be climbed, we also provide professional crane service.


A Tree(s) May Need To Be Removed When:


  • Selectively removing healthy trees from an over-crowded landscape will provide remaining healthy trees with a future of growth and prosperity.

  • A decrepit or nuisance tree can be replaced with a younger more attractive tree that will enhance your landscape for many years to come.

  • A tree's problems have become so advanced that nothing else can be done. At this point, pruning, cabling and other techniques have already been exercised or considered. Real Estate or personal property may be in the tree's target zone so immediate action may need to be taken to prevent a costly disaster.


Dead Trees Don't Always Have to be Removed


Dead trees, also known as snags, can be a natural treasure to your urban landscape, often becoming a new home for birds and mammals in your community. Snag retention is always an option to consider.


Stump Grinding


After removal, a tree's stump may be left. However, we do offer the option for the stump to be ground down below grade to allow for re-planting. Quite often, it is possible for us to plant a new tree right where the old one used to stand.


Acquiring a Permit


Many communities within the greater San Francisco bay area require permits for removing a tree. When necessary, we will help you along the permit process so that the tree can be removed legally, avoiding City Code violations.